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Code: CT010

Datasheet – CT010 (Eng)

Keycap base 6×6 mm and useful for 2 heights: 9,5 and 13 mm.
It can be assembled both covered with printed film (model lexan, polycarbonate, etc ) or exposed.

Colours: it is possible to order colours that differ from the schedule below
Material: nylon PA6
Packaging: 500 pieces
Overall dimension are in millimeters.

Products code kept in warehouse

Code Colours Material
CT010-X semi-trasparent nylon PA6
CT010-R red nylon PA6
CT010-N black nylon PA6
CT010-V green  nylon PA6

A little board is available, in order to evaluate the possible usage of the CT010.
Request it for free by filling in the form and mentioning the code CT010-demoboard