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Eutronica is an innovative start-up born in 2015, developed through the interdisciplinary contribution of a group of companies belonging to the “Percorsi Erratici” Business Network. It has been established by the Chambers of Commerce of Forlì − Cesena and Ravenna, and managed by CISE (Center for Innovation and Economic Development), as well as experts in the fields of finance, ICT, mechanics, electronics and many other disciplines such as epistemology and aesthetics.

The first Eutronica project is Jobot®, an autonomous interior vehicle (AGV: Automated Guided Vehicle) designed for the handling of small loads, the transfer of small equipment and small component batches, the delivery of documents and so on, with the aim of solving needs of streamlining the production process and optimizing everything that is not easily standardized within an organization.

In addition to the reduction of internal costs resulting from the aforementioned activities, which are on average estimated not less than 15-20% of the cost of a company’s labor, the AGV is designed to improve the working conditions of human beings and therefore to be a “workmate of the worker, not his substitute”.

It is a compact and efficient transport system that moves within scheduled routes by performing simple missions from loading and unloading stations to “work centers”. Jobot is entirely designed and built in Italy, but it is expressly low-cost to be accessible to small and medium-sized companies.

As proof of the fact that the Jobot project is an innovation in its field, in 2017 it won the Smau Bologna Innovation Award | R2B 2017 (Download here in PDF )

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The founding companies:

El.Fa. Srl
Onit Group Srl
Punto Art Srl
VM Sistemi S.p.A.