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ATI Eurolift: working together to carry out ambitious projects.

To be competitive in a vast and complex market, it is essential to find new formulas that allow companies to expand their potential, both in terms of technology and marketing.

For this reason in February 2011, after the first and positive experience of participation in a Temporary Joint Venture, El.Fa together with Eurotecno srl, and Lamproject srl, implementing an open call by the Emilia-Romagna Region, aimed at expanding the collaboration between companies, thus giving life to a new Temporary Joint Venture called “Eurolift”.

The aim is to combine the expertise and professionalism of each company in a highly motivated team in designing an innovative product, with a high technological and aesthetic content that can be followed by a series production that also allows it to appear on foreign markets.

As a matter of fact, it consists of a strong R&D activity, aimed at manufacturing.

The project aims to create a lift for TVs and monitors even of large dimensions, innovative with respect to what is on the market, which combines a very wide excursion with a completely extended arm to a very small encumber in retracted position. The lift must also allow a 360-degree rotation of the screen and allow the “tilt” that is to say, the inclination of the screen.

The role of El.Fa. is to create the electronics control system, including the APP that allows you to use a Smart Phone as a remote control.

The equipment is able to: manage up to 4 electric motors, oversee proximity sensors (to avoid impacts with objects or people), manage analogue and digital inputs and encoder, connect via WiFi or Ethernet connections to the home network, have serial buses to open up to home automation systems (already present in homes), have auxiliary inputs and outputs to interface devices and / or future expansions.

The equipment has been designed with the aim of creating a compact, reliable system at a cost that allows the Maior Lift® system to be competitive on the market.


For more information, here is the link to the  Maior – Eurotecno s.r.l. website.

Maior - Eurotecno