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The design phase continues naturally in the production one, divided into assembly and testing: it consists of a team of 12 people highly motivated and qualified.

Flexibility and speed of execution are the main features of the assembly phase that makes use of modern machinery. The subsequent testing phase, carried out on 100% of all products, is a foundamental step since it guarantees compliance with the quality standards established with the Customer.

The final product is the result of a series of stages each of which must be perfectly integrated with the other stages, in order to achieve an efficient and high Quality system. The concept of “Total Quality Management” is developed in El.Fa. through the “inside” execution of all possible processes and through close collaboration with external partners.

From design to production, towards after-sales service, the cornerstone for El.Fa has always been to ensure a close and lasting cooperative relationship with the Customer aiming to the maximum possible satisfaction of the End-user.