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Percorsi Erratici

Percorsi Erratici: local innovation and cooperation

In 2013 El.Fa, driven by a strong innovative and collaborative spirit, decided to join and actively participate in the so called Prcorsi Erratici Business Network. Promoted by the Chambers of Commerce of Forlì-Cesena and Ravenna, it aims to create a network of companies in the area aimed at creating new categories of products and services with an innovative content. The Network consists of 38 large, small and medium-sized companies. In addition to them, 3 large External Supporter companies, numerous international experts, innovation-oriented entrepreneurs and young people motivated to participate in Network projects are involved.

What is defined as “radical innovation” is innovation that generates new categories of products / services, on which competition is almost (or completely) absent, allowing companies to achieve a greater competitive advantage, hardly within the reach of the individual companies.
The Percorsi Erratici Network has the objective of establishing a systemic environment through which to promote the generation of highly innovative businesses.

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As an organization involved in the Business Network “ Percorsi Erratici” we do share the mission to collaborate in an open and inclusive way to design innovative project, using knowledge and skills of our companies within the cooperative relationship that could be build up between the companies involved with regard of any kind of innovation that should be sorted out; moreover we do share the aim to target the innovation that would come out from this initiative to the overall improvement of the quality of life.

Percorsi Erratici