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Plastic spacers

Code: DP010

Datasheet – DP010 (Eng)

For quantities of at least 20.000 pieces, it is possible to order measures (between 3,5 and 15mm) material and colour

Material: polystyrene, glass-filled nylon, ABS
Colours: grey, black, white, red
Confezione: 500 pieces
Overall dimension are in millimeters.

Products codes kept in warehouse

L. (mm) Code Colour Material
11 DP010-11.0-G-A grey polystyrene
10 DP010-10.0-N-A black polystyrene
9 DP010-09.0-B-A white polystyrene
7.5 DP010-07.5-R-A red polystyrene
6.2 DP010-06.2-N-B black nylon
4.7 DP010-04.7-N-B black nylon
3.5 DP010-03.5-N-A black polystyrene
4.6 DP010-04.6-B-A white polystyrene

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