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Automatic resettable blade fuse

Code: FA0XX

Datasheet – FA0XX (Eng)

The automatic resettable fuses are similar in size to the “standard” blade-fuses of 19 mm. This type of fuse opens the circuit when the trip current exceeds a certain level, but when the current
decreases and the fault current is removed, the fuse resets automatically and works again.
The basic version of the fuse is without the trip signal led, which the “L” versions have. There are two leds, in order to allow the alarm signal, regardless of the polarization. In case of recurring breakages, the fuse allows to avoid the frequent change of traditional ones with others of higher value.

Packaging: 10 pcs.
Overall dimension are in millimeters.

Fuses features

Code “A” rated “V” max
FA019 1,9 A 15v dc
FA041 FA041 15v dc
FA038 3,8 A 15v dc
FA045 4,5 A 20v dc

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