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Aluminium case for electronics

Code: CM010

Datasheet – CM010 (Eng)

This case model is composed by a central part made of aluminium-estruded profile (CA010 series), to which it is possible to assemble different models of plugs (series TC010, TC020, TC030) and if needed the gaskets (KG020 series ) too.
In this way it is possible to realize cases which can satisfy your needs in terms of length and locking systems on one hand, and which are strong and cheap, on the other hand. The central aluminium body (CA010 series ) length is between 5 and 30 cm. If you match the gaskets (KG020 series ) to the plugs (TC010 series ), it is possible to obtain a box with a high level of protection from water and dust.

Aluminium case main body (CA010 series)

corpo contenitore -Aluminium case main body

The central body of the caseis made of a strong aluminium-estruded profile. It is available raw or silver anodized. On demand, with minimum quantities of 100 pieces, it is possible to realize any measure between 5 and 30 cm.

Material: aluminium
Colours: grey, silver
Packaging: 10 pieces
Overall dimension are in millimeters.

Products code kept in warehouse

L. (mm) Code
69 069
94 094
106 106
118 118

Plastic panel (TC010 series)

Tappo chiusura (serie TC010) Plastic panel

The panels are made in plastic material, with dimensions 109,7×49,9 mm and they can host the gaskets (KG020 series ) to protect from water and dust. The standard colour is grey but other colours are possible to be realised. Each panel is provided with 4 locking screws (2,9×13 mm).
The TC010-C series can hold the HCCPHPE24BKA9OF connector in addition to our gasket GG010-N

Material: ABS
Colour: grey
Packaging: 20 pieces
Overall dimension are in millimeters.

Aluminium panel (TC020)

Tappo chiusura in alluminio Aluminium panel (TC020)

The panels are made of aluminium, there are no gaskets and they are available in two measures. Each plug is provided with 4 locking screws (2,9×13 mm). The model TC020-B can be combined to the plug series TC030, as they have the same dimensions.

Material: aluminium
Colour: grey
Packaging: 20 pieces
Overall dimension are in millimeters.

Aluminium panel with lamellar connector (TC020)

Tappo chiusura con connettore lamellare (serie TC030) Aluminium panel with lamellar connector (TC020)

This plug is realised in FR4 and holds the male lamellar connector series CL 30 poles. It has its own lock safekeeping and has no gaskets. The dimensions are 108×48 as the aluminium plug TC020-B with witch the TC030 is combined. Each plug is provided with the 4 lockingscrews (2,9×13 mm).

Material: FR4
Colour: grey
Packaging: 20 pieces
Overall dimension are in millimeters.

Rubber gasket kit (KG010 series)

Kit guarnizioni in gomma (serie KG010) Rubber gasket kit (KG010 series)

The gasket kit is composed by 2 gaskets (they have to be used between the panel series TC010 and the aluminium body series CA010) and by 8 protection caps of the screws for the TC020 series.
This gaskets enable an high protection from water and dust.
They are available in two models.

Material: silicone rubber
Toughness: 30 shore, 50 shore
Packaging: 20 pieces
Overall dimension are in millimeters.

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