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Percorsi Erratici

18 February 2013

Prcorsi Erratici is a Business Networkf ounded on 31 October 2013 and promoted by the Chambers of Commerce of Forlì-Cesena and Ravenna. The Network consists of large, small and medium-sized companies. In addition, 3 large External Supporter companies, numerous international experts, innovation-oriented entrepreneurs and young people motivated to participate in Network’s projects are involved.

The ultimate goal of the network is to create the perfect environment to promote the creation of highly innovative ideas, products and services. The aim of the project is to establish a systemic environment through which to bring together the participating companies, share ideas and experiences, creating an incubator of active and proactive innovation. In this complex period of rapid change of economic models and openness to new markets, it is necessary to collaborate and confront, set new goals to overcome competition and aim for growth.

El.Fa, driven by the strong spirit of “continuous innovation”, has decided to join and actively participate in the Percorsi Erratici project.

All the details of the project are available on the official website

Percorsi erratici
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